PHAOS Renewables, turning 3 years old, proud supporter of the Municipal Nursery of Thessaloniki, “Agios Stylianos”

Our company, in the context of its social responsibility, was pleased to offer to the Municipal Nursery of Thessaloniki “Agios Stylianos”, a Portable Otoacoustic Broadcast Device for the nursery’s clinic. “Agios Stylianos” is the oldest nursery in Northern Greece and one of the oldest in our country as its history begins in 1840. Approaching two centuries of life, it takes care of and cares for infants and toddlers with the aim of their proper psychosomatic development and their smooth reintegration into a family environment with the primary aim of serving the interests of these sensitive souls.

PHAOS Renewables on the occasion of its third birthday and being a living cell of our society is proud to support such a noble effort.

More information about “Agios Stylianos” can be found on the website of the Nursery,

In the photo, the Head of Communication of PHAOS Renewables Mrs. Maria Tsiaka with the General Manager of the company Mr. Konstantinos Karagiannidis during their visit at the Nursery along with the President Mr. Theophilos Patelis and the members Mr. Ioannis Kantarakis and Mr. Sakis Tsetis.