Successful Deals of 31 MW for SUNGROW inverters during Q1/2020, 25 MW already delivered!

PHAOS Renewables, a Greek company whose members have long experience in the PV sector, official distributor in Greece and Cyprus of SUNGROW, the global leader in solar inverters, announces that during the first quarter of 2020 it has successfully closed deals for the supply of 31 MW of SUNGROW inverters!

More specifically, PHAOS Renewables has undertaken the supply of solar inverters of the new Commercial Extreme (CX) line of SUNGROW. SG110CX and SG50CX inverters along with the relevant telecommunication systems, COM100E, were ordered for 41 projects of 500KW to 1MW power. In total, 31 MW were ordered for projects of various Energy Communities and private investors in Greece!

Additionally, PHAOS Renewables announces that it has already delivered SUNGROW inverters of total nominal power of 25 MW during the first quarter of 2020. Even during March 2020, despite the strict measures due to the Corona virus, that affected the whole of our society and had impact in both our personal and professional lives in an unprecedented manner, it has managed to deliver 11,5 MW of inverters to its customers. Moreover, it continues with scheduled deliveries of tens of MWs in Q2/2020, constantly rising in the regional market.

PHAOS Renewables has already achieved partnerships and cooperation with global solar leaders and guarantees the provision of high quality solutions regarding solar inverters, PV modules and mounting structures both fixed and moving (solar trackers). Moreover, it has successfully participated in the supply of PV modules and mounting structures for various projects in Greece. Aiming to provide exclusively, absolutely reliable products, and being committed to serve its partners’ and clients’ needs with products and services of the highest possible value, its portfolio consists of PV equipment coming from the leaders of the industry. Learn more about PHAOS Renewables by visiting