PHAOS Renewables received 29 MW biggest batch shipment of SUNGROW inverters in Greece

PHAOS Renewables keeps moving on and welcomes the biggest batch shipment of SUNGROW inverters in Greece!
Earlier this week, we received and unpacked 29 MW of solar inverters at the port of Thessaloniki.
The succesfull CX line (SG110CX and SG50CX) and HX line (SG250HX) products arrived along with their smart communication boxes and are ready to be delivered to our partners and customers!
We are happy to announce that we also have limited stock in our warehouses that can serve immediate requests!
We continue the hard work and we continue to serve the Greek market with our high quality products remaining true and focused on our vision:
a world of sustainable energy production and utilization where Solar Energy greatly contributes in the realization of this aim.